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Learning More About Technology

Troubleshooting A Laptop Computer Screen

by Alyssa Bates

If you have a laptop computer, you may find yourself with a screen that suddenly goes blank. Without the screen, it can be quite difficult to figure out if the screen or the computer is causing the issue. Even if you do figure out that the screen is the problem, you then need to find the exact concern. To troubleshoot the problem effectively, follow the directions outlined here.

Testing the Computer

Before you can figure out what type of screen issue you are experiencing, you need to find out if the screen is actually broken. You can do this by plugging your computer into an external monitor and by using the computer normally for several minutes. If you have a desktop computer monitor, this will work well. Locate the external video connection on the back panel of your laptop. Your laptop may also have a DVI or display port depending on your computer. Once you find this port, you will need to find a cord that connects the laptop port with the input on the monitor. This may require a trip to your local computer or electronics store. If you do need a cord, then consider taking photographs of the laptop and monitor inputs so the right one can be found for you.

Once the monitor is connected, turn on your laptop. The external monitor should start to function as the main screen. If it does not, then you may need to press several buttons to switch the display to the external one. If you are running Windows on your laptop, then try to hit the Windows and P buttons at the same time. If this does not work, then one of the function buttons may need to be pressed. Check the manual that came with your laptop.

Moving the Screen

If your external monitor successfully works and allows you to use your computer normally, then you know that the screen is the issue. Disconnect the external monitor at this time, but leave your laptop on. You can now test to see if the LCD or LED screen flex cable is pinched or broken. These cables connect the monitor to the motherboard, but the thin cables often run along the hinge that connects the screen to the base of the laptop. If you frequently open and close your laptop, then the cord can easily get pinched or worn away. When this starts to happen, the laptop screen will often flicker or work when positioned at a specific angle and the broken wires meet momentarily.

To see if the flex cable may be causing an issue, close the laptop screen and open it up slowly. Make sure the screen is opened as far as it can go and then slowly start to close it again. Do this several times to see if the screen flickers on and appears normal for a few seconds. If you do see a flicker, then you will need to ask a PC repair specialist to replace the cable.

Inspecting the Backlight

If you still have not figured out the problem, then it is possible the backlight that illuminates the screen no longer works. Most of the time, you will be able to see very dark text or images on the laptop screen if the backlight does not work. Place the computer in front of a bright light to see if any images can be seen. If you do see them, then ask a PC specialist to replace the backlight. If you do not see any images, then the circuit board responsible for powering the monitor may need to be replaced or the monitor simply stopped functioning and a replacement is necessary. A PC repair specialist can investigate these things for you further and make the necessary repairs or replacements.

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