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Learning More About Technology

10 Important Reasons To Turn Your Social Media Marketing Campaign Over To A Professional

by Alyssa Bates

While social media is all the rage, with over a billion people meandering the ether, some for more than three hours each day, taking care of your company's profiles is a demanding responsibility. Before you reach your wits end trying to figure it all out, consider the many ways in which a professional social media manager can help you out.    

1. They plan for success, so you don't have to hope it will happen. A good social media marketing plan is essential to all of it being worth the time and effort applied, but if you're managing a million other tasks simultaneously, you're basically taking a stab at success. Professional managers already know the routine, steps involved and best methods of delivery. Developing an individual plan for your business is the most effective approach and the best use of your resources.

2. Your online presence is monitored across every platform. Just learning to navigate a few of the more popular platforms is a time-consuming, sometimes frustrating experience. To think that you could be doing all that work and still come up short is unbearable. Pros know the ins and outs of all platforms, thus, you don't have to learn them.

3. Conversations are continuously screened. If you aren't on top of all your accounts and profiles, anything can and will go wrong. From hecklers and trolls to your competition, many forces are out to get you. The problem is, though, who has time to be monitoring the talk all the time? Your social media manager, like those at eClincher, will.

4. No question will go unanswered. More consumers use social media to make buying decisions than ever before. In fact, a staggering 68 percent of shoppers are on one platform or another while they are physically in a store, meaning a quick answer to their questions could be the difference between buying or not.

5. Your brand can delve into deeper, more meaningful engagement. People love to tinker with facts, polls, contests and other creative presentations on social media, but do you really have the time to whip these things up? Probably not. If your pages aren't bustling with fun, engaging material, though, you may be missing out.

6. Your online reputation is protected. Most management services include protecting your online reputation as part of their responsibilities, and that's a major relief for you. Your reputation isn't just monitored, it's going to benefit from the constant attention and polishing.

7. You can approve updates and content in advance. If you happen to be a control freak, (and these days, you can hardly afford not to be with your online presence), the information put forth across all platforms can be preapproved. This demonstrates your style and image preferences, so the agency acting on your behalf truly understands the brand you want to project.

8. Your campaign connects you directly with customers. Conversion is the ultimate goal with marketing, but before you can turn your audience into customers, you have to get their attention, convince them to like, follow, join your circle and so forth, deliver targeted, succinct messages and hope they respond positively. This complicated succession of events demands a professional strategy. Connecting with customers is an art and a science and if you haven't mastered both, you need someone who has.

9. Customers will interact more. Engagement is the whole purpose of your efforts: You want people to read, like, laugh, share and be personally affected by what you do. When you're putting forth professional quality material, specifically targeted to reach out and inspire action, people become engaged and that converts to more business. A pro knows users are searching for solutions to problems and sources of entertainment; delivering both is a complex juggling act.

10. Your fan base can skyrocket. Even the best campaigns are virtually useless when they're not seen by an audience. Gathering fans is a tough, tedious process, you may not even be successful with, no matter how much time and effort you put in. The more popular your pages are, however, the more influence you have as a brand and in terms of marketing power.

While it's not easy to turn control over to someone else, it's likely in the best interest of your business. Collaborate closely to ensure your public brand is still authentic, but opt for a simple and effective solution to your social media success: Letting a pro handle it.