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Learning More About Technology

Stopping Threats At The Door: The Basics Of Providing Comprehensive Data Security For Your Small Business

by Alyssa Bates

It is hard to imagine running a business in this day and age without using some form of technology to complete basic tasks. With the use of technology comes the need to protect your data from nefarious individuals that target your company via viruses, spyware, phishing attempts and other tactics.

You can attempt to ward off these threats with a hodgepodge of off-the-shelf software solutions. However, instead of trying to manage data security with a mishmash of products that you need to continually update and pay annual subscriptions for, you should opt for comprehensive data protection from technology firms that offer endpoint security. The following guide provides a primer on endpoint security to help you understand how it can be beneficial to your company.

Real-time Threat Protection

Hackers work around the clock and so should your data protection efforts. It is imperative that you have no vulnerable points in your computer network. You never know when an email attachment or web browser plugin contains a threat to your data.

Endpoint security solutions provide real-time defense of every entry point into your network so all of your computers and mobile devices have 24-hour protection. You will not have to worry if an attachment your received from a colleague is infected with a virus or if you mistakenly visit a compromised website with nefarious code that attempts to infiltrate your computer.

In addition, you will not have to worry about new malware and viruses as reputable endpoint security providers continually update their products to handle new and emerging threats.

Uniform Security on All Machines and Devices

If you use multiple types of devices to keep your company's records up-to-date and to communicate with employees and clients, you cannot risk having confidential information stolen via phishing attacks or viruses that attack smartphones and tablets.

When you are looking for a vendor to offer endpoint security for your company, make sure that they offer security for all types of devices including desktops, laptops, mobile devices, networked printers and computer servers.

Criminals not only continue to target computers, they have stepped up their efforts to infect smartphones and tablets, even placing malware in apps that are from sources considered to be safe.

With endpoint security, your devices are protected from threats that come packaged in newly developed software and via programs installed by your employees on company-owned devices.

Date Encryption and Remote Management

Another line of defense offered by a comprehensive endpoint security solution is data encryption. A custom security plan can protect your sensitive data such as customer credit card numbers, personnel files and other sensitive information.

If your employees are offsite traveling and connect to an insecure network, they can make the company data stored on their laptops vulnerable to hackers. However, with endpoint security, that data will always be encrypted and inaccessible to those without proper credentials to access your network.

In addition, when you have employees that telecommute or spend a lot of time on the road, you need to make sure that their devices are always protected from threats. Endpoint security solutions that offer remote management of your company's technology assets enable you to monitor, update and configure offsite computers and mobile devices. Your telecommuting employees will not have to bring their laptops to the office to get security upgrades.

The investment in an all-inclusive data protection plan such as endpoint security is well worth the money. Imagine if you decided to continue using a patchwork of store-bought software and an employee's tablet becomes the source of a data breach.

The money you spend on security consultants to clean up after the breach and rectify the damage will be expensive and damage your reputation with your clients. You can protect your data and your bottom line by avoiding catastrophe with letting a reputable endpoint security solutions provider devise a customized data protection plan for your firm.