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Learning More About Technology

Home Theater Automated Remotes: 4 Types Of Presets Ideal For Watching Movies

by Alyssa Bates

As you plan and create a custom home theater design, there are typically a lot of components that will be set up in the room. Along with televisions, cable boxes, video game consoles, and projectors, you also need to control other elements like lighting. Home theater technicians have the ability to set up controls for all of these elements using a single advanced remote. The use of this remote can make it a lot easier to control items, but home theater companies can also program the remote to complete automated tasks. As you plan to use your home theater for watching movies, there are four presets that you can have set up. Each one of these presets will make it easy to control the movie and create a comfortable environment. Check out the following movie remote presets that can be programmed to your custom home theater and see how much easier it can be to enjoy a movie.

Snacks & Popcorn

If you're watching a movie and need some extra snacks, it can often be a hassle to pause the movie and navigate your way through a dark home theater. Professionals can use advanced remotes to program a preset button that is ideal for these situations. For example, with a single button, the preset can pause the movie and turn on the room's lights to a low dim. This allows you to easily see and make your way to kitchen. Once you return with your popcorn and snacks, it only takes one button to turn the lights out and start the movie again.

Daytime Viewing

Watching movies during the day can come with annoyances, including natural sunlight and glare. With a daytime viewing preset, you can optimize your home theater for clear viewing. When this type of preset is activated, automated window blinds or shades can lower down and create a dark atmosphere for movie viewing. Home theater professionals can coordinate the automated blinds with the remote so you don't have to get up and do everything manually. The same button can also activate comfort options, including both heating and air conditioning in the room.

Snooze & Save

Sometimes you may become too tired to finish a movie. If you find yourself dozing off, then you can quickly use a preset to relax and enjoy a nice nap. With the preset, the movie will be paused so that your spot is saved. All of the lights will be shut off along with any other electronics. If you prefer, an audio source can turn on to provide you with relaxing music as you sleep. The remote can be programmed to play a specific music genre that you fall asleep to. This can include music channels on your television, CDs, or streaming music services.

Sequel Search & Record

If you're really enjoying the movie that you're watching, then you can quickly find out more details and options using remote presets. For example, one of the basic resets you can find is a sequel search. By searching for a movie sequel, you have the ability to automatically record any showings or access the movie through streaming services. Along with searching for direct sequels, you have the ability to search for actors or actresses that you enjoyed in the film. You can then look at listings and set movies to record with them in it. The use of presets and search features can make this process go a lot faster so you do not interrupt the movie as you're watching it.

Home theater companies can not only program these remotes, but they often have many different models for sale. You can see the different remote set ups and have a professional link up all of your equipment and digital services to the design. Contact a company like A Tech Security for more information.