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Learning More About Technology

Setting Up Your Own Video Surveillance At Your Home Business? Avoid These BIG Mistakes

by Alyssa Bates

If you are like a lot of startup business owners, working out of your home initially will just make financial sense. However, having your business at home at the same place where you and your family reside still means you have a business property that needs adequate protection. Installing a good video surveillance system is definitely a good first step to take, but really is a job that should be left to a professional. Before you decide to tackle video surveillance on your own, get to know these big mistakes you need to avoid as a home business owner. 

Mistake: Choosing to only add surveillance to the business side of your property. 

Why? Just because your business is only physically located in one section of your home, technically speaking, the entire property is connected. Therefore, if you have only surveillance in the business area of the home business, your business is still vulnerable because the rest of your home is not rightly protected with cameras. Make sure you go ahead and add surveillance equipment all around the outside of your home business property for the best measure of protection. 

Mistake: Picking low-quality surveillance gear to save money. 

Why? It is easy to assume that even low-quality video surveillance equipment for a cheap price is better than no video surveillance at all when you are trying to save money. However, this is really not the case. Low-quality gear will just give you low-quality imagery, which in most situations is no help at all. Plus, low-quality video surveillance gear usually does not last as long as good-quality equipment, so you will probably have to just invest in new gear pretty fast. Even if you have to invest a little more money for better quality gear, it will be well worth the investment in the end. 

Mistake: Skipping out on important features. 

Why? Lack of knowledge about video surveillance can make it difficult to wade through all of the features available to find the most suitable setup for your home-based business. So there are a lot of features that you really do need that would be easy to miss. For example, having remote access to your surveillance footage is incredibly useful when you are away from your home business because it gives you a direct link to view what is taking place at your business from your smart phone or laptop even when you are miles away.