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Learning More About Technology

Creating Your Own Camouflaged Charging Station

by Alyssa Bates

Most people use their cell phones on a regular basis throughout the day. This means that frequent charging is necessary in order for the phone to retain enough power to perform basic functions. Having charging cords lying around the house can detract from the aesthetic of your home, so creating a camouflaged charging station can be a great solution to your charging dilemma.

Here are two DIY charging stations that will power your phone while camouflaging the cords required to do so.

1. Box your charging station.

Decorative boxes can provide a clean and contained way to camouflage your phone charger. All you need to do is invest in a decorative box that fits in with the aesthetic of your home. Use a sharp instrument to cut a small hole in the rear of the box, then thread the charging cable through this hole.

Plug the charger into an outlet, connect your phone to the charger and place it inside the box, then put the lid on the box and stow it on a shelf or bureau. You will have a charging station that doesn't leave visual evidence of cord clutter when you use a decorative box to camouflage your phone's charger.

2. Transform a book into a charging station.

If you want to combine your love of reading with your need to keep your phone charged at all times, you can easily convert an old book into a charging station. Visit your local thrift store to find a hardcover book that is both decorative and large enough to accommodate your phone.

Use a sharp knife to cut a cavity large enough and deep enough to accommodate your phone into the pages of the book. Cut a small channel out of the top or bottom of the cavity where your phone's charging cord will lie. Once you place the phone and charger into their respective cavities and close the cover of the book, you will have a charging station that you can place on your bedside table without drawing attention away from the decorative design of your home.

Being able to create your own charging station allows you to camouflage the unsightly cords that are associated with restoring power to your phone's battery. Invest in a decorative box or an attractive old book, then transform these objects into charging stations that will enhance the aesthetic and design of your home's interior.

You can also search online for specialized charging stations, like iPhone charging stations