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Learning More About Technology

Smart Porch: Expanding Your Smart Home Features To The Porch Outside

by Alyssa Bates

Having smart home technology can dramatically change the way you operate devices and items inside of your home. The only problem that comes with that is the point when you exit the home and all of the smart technology has gone away. To help expand the smart technology to the outside of your home, you can add specific pieces of technology to the porch on the exterior of your home. There are numerous pieces of smart home equipment that can be used on the porch of your home. By reading smart home reviews and planning ahead, you can turn your porch into another smart area that makes it easy to relax and entertain in.

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting is an ideal way to add some illumination to your porch during dark hours. With smart lighting, you can save time and energy by setting up bulbs to complete specific tasks. Smart home reviews can help break down which lights will work the best for your porch. When reading reviews and deciding on a light for your porch, it's important to consider a number of different features. One of the best features is an automatic timer. For example, if you work late or on a night shift like third shift, then it will make it much easier to come home and arrive to a well-lit porch. Instead of just leaving the light on all night, you can set a timer or turn on the light wirelessly as you head home.

Smart lighting is also ideal for entertaining on the porch. If you are doing something like cooking a meal or playing a board game, then you can increase the brightness. If you are relaxing, listening to music, or socializing, then you can dim the lights a little bit to create a different mood. Every smart light is different, so it's a good idea to study up and and learn about your options.

Smart Locks

A porch is typically the main gateway to your home. This is why it's important to keep the area secure and have proper access it to it when needed. Smart locks give you the ability to access your porch and home without the need for carrying a lot of extra keys. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology are often used to sync the locks up with a wireless device like a phone. Once a smart lock is installed, it can make it a lot easier to manage the activity on your porch. For example, if you are expecting a package, you can unlock the porch area from your phone. Once you have package delivery confirmation, you can lock your porch back up from any location that you are at. This adds a lot of protection to your home and can help you feel like your items are safe.

Smart Security Cameras

Monitor the activity on your porch by having smart security installed. Reading smart home reviews will help you separate the best camera options for the exterior of your home. This includes cameras with features like night vision, wide-angle lens, and the ability to handle all types of weather elements. The cameras can help showcase package deliveries, take a peek at any guests visiting your home, and allow you to check in on your porch at any time. If you are worried about pests and critters, then a smart security camera on your porch is a great way to track anything happening at night. Using night vision and motion sensors, your camera can alert you to any movement and allow you to watch a live feed as it is happening.

Doing research is an important step in configuring your smart porch. A little extra studying by checking out smart home reviews will help you choose the best options for your home and porch area.