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When I realized that I wanted to go back to school, I stopped to think about what I would need to do. It had been years since I cracked open a textbook, much less learned something new on a computer. However, I wanted to succeed, so I started to learn more about technology. I spent hours brushing up on my computer troubleshooting skills and when I was done, I felt a little more prepared. After I started school, I learned even more. I made this blog to teach other people a little about technology, so that you can keep up with your peers.



Learning More About Technology

    Three Tips To Avoid Common Internet Problems

    The internet has emerged as an indispensable tool for many aspects of modern life. From looking for work to playing video games, the internet can allow you to connect to information and individuals around the globe. Yet, it is important to understand that there are some basic steps that you should be taking to help ensure that you avoid some common internet-related problems. Keep Your Computer Updated There are many viruses and pieces of malware that can pose a security risk to your computer.

    What's Worth Recycling In Computer Systems?

    Whether you're getting rid of a desktop, laptop, server, or even mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, there are some recyclable materials that can put a bit of extra cash in your pocket. Throwing computers away with the general garbage can poison your local area's plants and animals through soil and water contamination, and it's just plain illegal in most states, so you should recycle your computer parts instead of throwing them away.

    The Backpacker's Muse: Can Satellite Two-Way Radio Help Increase Your Confidence While Hiking?

    Being out of cell phone range while you're roaming the woodlands on your own can get dicey if you find yourself in sudden need of help. If you're a technology-driven backpacker, you appreciate having a satellite two-way radio on hand. More than a cell-phone, more than a glorified walkie-talkie, these radios can save your life. Let's unpack. Communication Is a Two-Way Street to the Stars Let's face it, satellite technology wrapped up in a light, compact device that looks admittedly very different than your common cell phone is--dare I say it?

    Using A Drone For Your Field Research? 3 Reasons You Need Fast Steering Mirrors

    When your research depends on a drone, you need to know that you have access to the best technology around – including your optical capabilities. Drones allow to see things that would otherwise be unavailable to you. In fact, the drones you use are literally your eyes in the sky. So, why would you settle for anything less than the best when it comes to the onboard optics? You wouldn't. That's why the drones you use for your research need fast steering mirrors.

    3 Reasons Why Your Restaurant Should Have Its Own App

    More and more businesses are beginning to release their own apps to the public nowadays, and if you are a restaurant owner, you may want to think about taking the plunge. These are a few reasons why you should consider investing in and releasing an app for your restaurant. 1. Make it Easy for Customers to See Your Menu Gone are the days when the first time that a person sees a restaurant menu is when he or she takes a seat in the restaurant.

    Creating Your Own Camouflaged Charging Station

    Most people use their cell phones on a regular basis throughout the day. This means that frequent charging is necessary in order for the phone to retain enough power to perform basic functions. Having charging cords lying around the house can detract from the aesthetic of your home, so creating a camouflaged charging station can be a great solution to your charging dilemma. Here are two DIY charging stations that will power your phone while camouflaging the cords required to do so.

    Smart Porch: Expanding Your Smart Home Features To The Porch Outside

    Having smart home technology can dramatically change the way you operate devices and items inside of your home. The only problem that comes with that is the point when you exit the home and all of the smart technology has gone away. To help expand the smart technology to the outside of your home, you can add specific pieces of technology to the porch on the exterior of your home. There are numerous pieces of smart home equipment that can be used on the porch of your home.

    Setting Up Your Own Video Surveillance At Your Home Business? Avoid These BIG Mistakes

    If you are like a lot of startup business owners, working out of your home initially will just make financial sense. However, having your business at home at the same place where you and your family reside still means you have a business property that needs adequate protection. Installing a good video surveillance system is definitely a good first step to take, but really is a job that should be left to a professional.