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Learning More About Technology

When I realized that I wanted to go back to school, I stopped to think about what I would need to do. It had been years since I cracked open a textbook, much less learned something new on a computer. However, I wanted to succeed, so I started to learn more about technology. I spent hours brushing up on my computer troubleshooting skills and when I was done, I felt a little more prepared. After I started school, I learned even more. I made this blog to teach other people a little about technology, so that you can keep up with your peers.



Learning More About Technology

    Give Your Employees The Tools They Need To Connect To Your Cloud Servers

    Cloud computing is taking the world by storm. Easily scalable and customizable design allows your business to take advantage of the same resources as a much larger company. However, because this technology is remote, you need to ensure that your employees have consistently quick access to your cloud services. Keep the Network Hardware in the Office Up To Date Previously, your internet connection was only used for email and maybe for some less scrupulous employees to check their Facebook accounts.