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When I realized that I wanted to go back to school, I stopped to think about what I would need to do. It had been years since I cracked open a textbook, much less learned something new on a computer. However, I wanted to succeed, so I started to learn more about technology. I spent hours brushing up on my computer troubleshooting skills and when I was done, I felt a little more prepared. After I started school, I learned even more. I made this blog to teach other people a little about technology, so that you can keep up with your peers.



Learning More About Technology


Three Tips To Avoid Common Internet Problems

The internet has emerged as an indispensable tool for many aspects of modern life. From looking for work to playing video games, the internet can allow you to connect to information and individuals around the globe. Yet, it is important to understand that there are some basic steps that you should be taking to help ensure that you avoid some common internet-related problems. Keep Your Computer Updated There are many viruses and pieces of malware that can pose a security risk to your computer.

What's Worth Recycling In Computer Systems?

Whether you're getting rid of a desktop, laptop, server, or even mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, there are some recyclable materials that can put a bit of extra cash in your pocket. Throwing computers away with the general garbage can poison your local area's plants and animals through soil and water contamination, and it's just plain illegal in most states, so you should recycle your computer parts instead of throwing them away.

The Backpacker's Muse: Can Satellite Two-Way Radio Help Increase Your Confidence While Hiking?

Being out of cell phone range while you're roaming the woodlands on your own can get dicey if you find yourself in sudden need of help. If you're a technology-driven backpacker, you appreciate having a satellite two-way radio on hand. More than a cell-phone, more than a glorified walkie-talkie, these radios can save your life. Let's unpack. Communication Is a Two-Way Street to the Stars Let's face it, satellite technology wrapped up in a light, compact device that looks admittedly very different than your common cell phone is--dare I say it?

Using A Drone For Your Field Research? 3 Reasons You Need Fast Steering Mirrors

When your research depends on a drone, you need to know that you have access to the best technology around – including your optical capabilities. Drones allow to see things that would otherwise be unavailable to you. In fact, the drones you use are literally your eyes in the sky. So, why would you settle for anything less than the best when it comes to the onboard optics? You wouldn't. That's why the drones you use for your research need fast steering mirrors.

3 Reasons Why Your Restaurant Should Have Its Own App

More and more businesses are beginning to release their own apps to the public nowadays, and if you are a restaurant owner, you may want to think about taking the plunge. These are a few reasons why you should consider investing in and releasing an app for your restaurant. 1. Make it Easy for Customers to See Your Menu Gone are the days when the first time that a person sees a restaurant menu is when he or she takes a seat in the restaurant.

Creating Your Own Camouflaged Charging Station

Most people use their cell phones on a regular basis throughout the day. This means that frequent charging is necessary in order for the phone to retain enough power to perform basic functions. Having charging cords lying around the house can detract from the aesthetic of your home, so creating a camouflaged charging station can be a great solution to your charging dilemma. Here are two DIY charging stations that will power your phone while camouflaging the cords required to do so.

Smart Porch: Expanding Your Smart Home Features To The Porch Outside

Having smart home technology can dramatically change the way you operate devices and items inside of your home. The only problem that comes with that is the point when you exit the home and all of the smart technology has gone away. To help expand the smart technology to the outside of your home, you can add specific pieces of technology to the porch on the exterior of your home. There are numerous pieces of smart home equipment that can be used on the porch of your home.

Setting Up Your Own Video Surveillance At Your Home Business? Avoid These BIG Mistakes

If you are like a lot of startup business owners, working out of your home initially will just make financial sense. However, having your business at home at the same place where you and your family reside still means you have a business property that needs adequate protection. Installing a good video surveillance system is definitely a good first step to take, but really is a job that should be left to a professional.

Should You Transition to USA-Manufactured Inventory?

If you own or manage the supply logistics for a retail business, you may be wondering about the changes a Trump presidency could bring to your inventory and pricing structure—especially if his promises to reinstate tariffs and bring manufacturing jobs back to the US are kept. If you currently get most or all of your inventory from overseas, there are a number of good reasons to begin the transition to US-based suppliers even absent political and tax concerns.

3 Things to Consider When Choosing an Internet Service Provider

When choosing an Internet service provider for your home, your business, or some other location, you are going to want to make sure that you get a service that is going to meet all of your needs. Thankfully, you can find out all of the stats that you need about different Internet service providers before you actually sign up for one. This article will discuss three things to consider when choosing an Internet service provider.

3 Benefits Of Automated Trading Software

If you are into stock trading, you might have tried various different methods of buying and selling stocks over the years. One option that you might not have tried, however, is automated trading through a software program that does all of the hard work for you. Using a broker trading software platform can be a smart thing for someone who is serious about trading. These are a few reasons why.

Save Time, Money, And Your Sanity By De-Cluttering Your Office

Many people find that their office tends to become an overloaded and disorganized place over time. If this is happening to you, it can seem overwhelming to think about how to get rid of the mess and keep it from coming back... all while still getting your work done. Here are 4 steps anyone can do to help themselves conquer the clutter. Have Items Earn Their Way. Start your office reorganization with a good clean-up.

Home Theater Automated Remotes: 4 Types Of Presets Ideal For Watching Movies

As you plan and create a custom home theater design, there are typically a lot of components that will be set up in the room. Along with televisions, cable boxes, video game consoles, and projectors, you also need to control other elements like lighting. Home theater technicians have the ability to set up controls for all of these elements using a single advanced remote. The use of this remote can make it a lot easier to control items, but home theater companies can also program the remote to complete automated tasks.

Answering A Couple Of Questions About Permanent IP Addresses

Meeting the technological needs of a company can be a challenging task for someone with limited experience with computers or networking. This can be particularly true when individuals need to procure a permanent IP address for their business's software or network. If this is a task that you need to do, you may benefit from having the following couple of questions about permanent IP addresses answered.  Do You Have To Own The IP Address?

You're Finally Old Enough For Your Own Cell Phone! 3 Steps To Keep It Safe At The Beach

Summer is here. Time to head out to the beach for some family fun. If you're going to be taking your new cell phone with you, you'll want to make sure you plan for its protection. If this your very first cell phone, you might not know about all the things that can damage it. The last thing you want to do is ruin your new phone on your first trip to the beach with it.

Reasons To Consider Home Automation This Summer

If you've been wondering about all of the excitement surrounding whole house automation, there's never been a better time to consider it. With summer weather bringing the heat and humidity to its peak and the kids home from school, your home energy costs and other associated expenses have likely gone up. Some home automation features are designed to help you prevent energy waste and make your home more efficient. Here are a few ways that home automation could help you to reduce costs and save your budget.

Three Reasons To Install Security Cameras

There are many different ways that a home owner can improve their security. Home security systems are becoming more popular, and for good reason. There are a reported two million home break-ins each year. This is unfortunate, but it is the world that we live in. However security systems drastically reduce the chance of a home break in. There are many different components that can go into a security system. One of the best things that can be installed with a security system are security cameras.

Stopping Threats At The Door: The Basics Of Providing Comprehensive Data Security For Your Small Business

It is hard to imagine running a business in this day and age without using some form of technology to complete basic tasks. With the use of technology comes the need to protect your data from nefarious individuals that target your company via viruses, spyware, phishing attempts and other tactics. You can attempt to ward off these threats with a hodgepodge of off-the-shelf software solutions. However, instead of trying to manage data security with a mishmash of products that you need to continually update and pay annual subscriptions for, you should opt for comprehensive data protection from technology firms that offer endpoint security.

How Can You Get Started In The PCB Repair Business?

If you've always been interested in taking appliances and electronics apart and figuring out what makes them work, you may have the skills needed to begin a lucrative home-based computer repair business. As computers continue to become smaller and more powerful, they rely more and more on the ultra-thin data connections contained on the printed circuit board (PCB) -- and when a PCB malfunctions, immediate repair or replacement is needed to keep the system running.

2 Big Screen Home Break-Ins That Could Have Been Avoided

Home security is of the utmost importance if you wish to protect your valuables. Of course, home security goes above and beyond locking your windows and doors, and yet many homeowners overlook the importance of a home security system. The importance of a security system is often mirrored throughout the media, particularly on the big screen. In fact, there are at least a couple of memorable movie break-ins that could have been avoided had there been a security system in place.

10 Important Reasons To Turn Your Social Media Marketing Campaign Over To A Professional

While social media is all the rage, with over a billion people meandering the ether, some for more than three hours each day, taking care of your company's profiles is a demanding responsibility. Before you reach your wits end trying to figure it all out, consider the many ways in which a professional social media manager can help you out.     1. They plan for success, so you don't have to hope it will happen.

Troubleshooting A Laptop Computer Screen

If you have a laptop computer, you may find yourself with a screen that suddenly goes blank. Without the screen, it can be quite difficult to figure out if the screen or the computer is causing the issue. Even if you do figure out that the screen is the problem, you then need to find the exact concern. To troubleshoot the problem effectively, follow the directions outlined here. Testing the Computer

Knowing When To Let Go Of Your Server Hardware

Getting the most value out of your server hardware often means squeezing every last penny you can get out of it. But there always comes a point in time where it's better to fold than to hold. According to Computerworld, a typical server may last 5 years under a normal enterprise environment, but there are countless factors that could shorten or extend that life cycle. This article will give you tips on recognizing when it's time for a new server.

Types Of Medical Practice Management Software And What's Best For Your Business

If you've recently been handed the responsibility of finding the best practice management software for your medical office, you may not know where to start. There are many options available, and the choice you make will depend on a number of factors that require an understanding of how they work and the ways they will benefit you. Being armed with this knowledge is key to choosing the right software for your business.

Give Your Employees The Tools They Need To Connect To Your Cloud Servers

Cloud computing is taking the world by storm. Easily scalable and customizable design allows your business to take advantage of the same resources as a much larger company. However, because this technology is remote, you need to ensure that your employees have consistently quick access to your cloud services. Keep the Network Hardware in the Office Up To Date Previously, your internet connection was only used for email and maybe for some less scrupulous employees to check their Facebook accounts.